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Electronic Sound 2020



"dripping with strangeness and unease" - 5* The Guardian

Top 10 Folk Albums of 2020

"A thrilling and utterly hypnotic ride" - Folk Radio UK

Best 100 Folk Music Albums of 2020

"a wintery, drone-laden masterpieceTop Ten Albums of 2020, Thomas Blake (Folk Radio UK)

"this is a great album" Top Ten Albums of 2020, Richard Hollingum (Folk Radio UK) 

"an instant classic and destined to become a favourite for many, many years" - Scots Whay Hae! Top 20 Albums of 2020

"analogue electronica and sacred resonance" - Concrete Islands - Interview

Best Albums of 2020

"a work of startling beauty, hugely evocative and transportive" - MOOF Magazine (Grey Malkin)

"a stark beauty and yet wonderful warmth and emotional quality which is clearly grounded in tradition" - Terrascope

"Says The Never Beyond is one of the outstanding folk releases of the year - The Third Ear

"a kind of front-room, palm-sized form of Penederecki, Branca, or early Swans" - Rock and Roll Globe, Best Artists of 2020

"Fans of The Watersons, The Iditarod and In Gowan Ring would find this record to be absolutely essential" - Record Crates United

"frankly amazing" - Bliss Aquamarine

"the idea of Burd Ellen is to discover new ways to explore the British folk tradition and this record certainly accomplishes that ... haunting" - The Wire Magazine

"..this is a record which rapidly establishes it's credentials as the work of a significant artist" - fRoots Magazine

Disappear Over The Sea - Interview with Concrete Islands

Burd Ellen were proud to be supported in 2019 by The Nest Collective's AMPLIFY initiative 

"Her debut album Silver Came is absolutely stunning ... with incredible pacing, often using the juxtaposition of lo-fi and hi-fi recording to great effect." - Pink Wafer

"an ear for detailed sonic texture that sets the group apart from would-be peers" - Interview with Alasdair Roberts for fRoots Magazine

The Rebirth of Political Folk - Feature in Observer Magazine, Jude Rogers

Gail Brogan (also of Pefkin) adds the eery backdrop for vocalist Debbie Armour’s fantastic voice, nowhere more clear and wrenching than in their rendition “Sweet Lemany”. - Live review in Here Today

"Interesting, sympathetic and sometimes magical" - Live review in HYMN

"Eschewing instrumentation, the opening three tracks constitute a block of prepared minimalism, the sonic equivalent of Ingmar Bergman’s immaculate Winter Light." - Stewart Gardiner, Concrete Islands

"This is an album of astonishing emotional heft, musical strengths and genuine beauty" - Grey Malkin, MOOF Magazine


INTERVIEW with Grey Malkin, MOOF Magazine

"‘Chi Mi Bhuam’ is a beguiled twilight mystical sparsely touched with a love noted timelessness, much like some mythical siren emerging from the woodland mists" - The Sunday Experience

"A truly superb experimental folk single from a band I'm keen to hear more from" - Bliss/Aquamarine

"Burd Ellen harmonise with heart-touching perfection" - Electronic Sound Magazine

"Burd Ellen bringing forth some alluringly stark Gaelic folk balladry" - Concrete Islands

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